Hobie First Cast Kayak Fishing Seminar – May 30th

On May 30th Yeager’s is hosting a Hobie First Cast kayak fishing clinic.
The event will include a seminar by Brad Hole, a Hobie sponsored guide and
owner of Kayak Fishing Washington.
Registration includes the rental of a Hobie Mirage Kayak, instruction and
lunch at Lake Padden.

Give Yeagers a call for details and to reserve a spot. (360) 389-2934

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Awesome Father’s Day Gifts for Adventurous Men

This year give the adventurous father in your life something he’ll really use. Another tie or cologne might be traditional, but this Father’s Day encourage him to pursue his outdoor interests with the right tools to keep him safe and get the most out of his favorite hobbies. Here are some ideas to get you started.


For the Camper

With summer just around the corner many camping enthusiasts are gearing up for a summer spent in the outdoors. If dad loves spending a weekend in the mountains, by glacier lakes or along winding rivers, there is an assortment of camping gear he’ll need for the upcoming season. Maybe a new camping stove is in order, or even mew fish gear. If he is eco-conscious consider the BioLite camp stove which uses a fan and wood to harness a renewable energy source. With a battery pack that is charged by the fire the fan helps create, he’ll be able to charge his smartphone or any other USB device even while miles away from civilization. If he’s in need of any new fishing equipment, check out the latest at Bass Pro Shop. Whether it’s a new rod and real, or a pair of waders he’s been eyeing, you’ll find all the new gear here.

For the Off-Roader

Whether he enjoys dirt biking, riding an ATV or mudding in the woods in his truck, all-terrain tires are an excellent gift for the off-road enthusiast. While off-road tires work great for tracks, mud pits and rocky areas, they aren’t as comfortable when met with pavement or hard-packed roads. But all-terrain tires are comfortable on paved surfaces too. Find a wide variety of all-terrain tires at TireBuyer.com. You can even have them delivered directly to a certified auto shop for easy installation.

Throw in car wash supplies for a practical, yet funny aside. A new bucket, sponge and specialty soap will come in handy after hauling his dirt-caked vehicle back home post outing.

For the Touring Cyclist

Touring cyclists are all about the journey. If dad is a cyclist there are many things he might like this Father’s Day, just in time for prime touring season. A new set of waterproof panniers are a great addition for any tour cyclist. In fact, if he’s lacking a reliable set of panniers that may be the very thing stopping him from planning his next trip.

If he already has a tour planned, get him a tune up at the local bike shop before he heads out.

For the Rock Climber

Rock climbing equipment might be expensive, but his life is literally on the line when it’s in use. From new cams to belay loops, this equipment is essential for his safety. REI has a wide selection of climbing equipment available. While these tools are important, nothing is more important than the ropes. New ropes will keep him safe and provide him with the means to climb the likes of El Capitan or Smith Rock.

Trout lakes opener coming soon

Opening day is soon to be upon us! A nice list of lakes will open on April 25th. With a short list of fishing activities this time of year, it will be nice to have a bunch of lakes opening up.  For stocking reports, check http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/plants/statewide/ .

For local lakes info check out the fishing access pages here on Fish Whatcom.  http://www.fishwhatcom.com/lakesrivers/

And remember, fishing licenses must be renewed for April as last years licenses expired on March 31st. Buy a new license online or visit a local shop.

Online Licenses: https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/

silver lake rainbow trout fly fishing2



Fishing Gear to Take You to the Next Level

Ever since our ancestors first cast a line into a body of water and pulled out their first fish, the hobby and sport of fishing has thrilled and excited generations of people. Unlike some other hobbies though, fishing is constantly evolving based on dozens of variables and external conditions. Here are some accessories you can use to make your life a little easier.

Tackle Box

Traditional tackle boxes are a thing of the past. Today’s master angler much prefers a versatile option like the Wildhorse Tech Pack from Fishpond, especially if you’ll be moving around while you fish. This vest/backpack combo has multiple front pockets to keep all your bait and tackle, as well replaceable fly benches to hold your lures. The back holds up to 1,300 cubic inches of gear and includes a pouch for your hydration bladder. It is also mesh lined to help keep you cool under the sun.

Eye Protection

Standing out in the sun all day can wreak havoc on your eyes. The combination of direct sunlight and reflected light off the water makes it not only hard to see, but can cause eyestrain and headaches. Enlist a pair of quality sunglasses like the Holbrook line from Oakley. When combined with replacement lenses from Revant, you can have different colored lenses for different lighting situations so you’re always covered.

The Right Tool

Preparing your line can often be a hassle, especially if the weather isn’t on your side. With a Minke line tool, replacing hooks and lures is a snap. It lets you quickly remove your old hook, then thread and knot the new one all with one quick device. A multi-tool is another must-have for any serious fisherman who wants to be prepared for the unexpected.

Find ‘em Fast

The aid of a quality fish finder can turn a weekend of fishing from a long, uneventful experience to a thrill-packed adventure. The echoMAP 53dv from Garmin has a color 5-inch screen, DownVu scanning sonar, and comes pre-loaded with LakeVu maps covering over 17,000 U.S. lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. It also has a built in GPS so you can remember where that perfect fishing hole was next time you visit.

Keep ‘em Safe

With fishing becoming more and more popular as a sport activity, following catch-and-release procedures is vital. Steps like folding in barbs on hooks and getting the fish in the water as soon as possible are important, but so is your handling of the fish. Having a FishGrabber by HyPark can help protect the fish by not injuring or puncturing it while you remove the hook, and it preserves the layer of slime that is essential for the fish’s health.

Wherever you go and whatever your fish of choice, make sure you are taking advantage of all the tools and accessories available to help make your fishing adventures as fun and successful as possible. Happy fishing!

Destinations: A tranquil fishing resort

Konocti: A tranquil fishing resort

Finding new fishing destinations are fairly easy to come by down the West Coast of the United States. But finding a nice tranquil spot that has something different to offer can be an intriguing prospect.

One such place that we recently stumbled across was the Konocti Vista Casino that looks out over the beautiful Clear Lake in Northern California. The marina is situated in a private cove that allows easy access to Clear Lake for all visitors and is a truly delightful sight at night.

But what makes this casino establishment such an interesting hub for fishing fanatics apart from the glorious Clear Lake? Every year Konocti holds its annual Bass Fishing Tournaments. The next tournament is the Spring Classic, which will be held on May 2-3, 2015 and has proved to be a very popular event among bass anglers in California.

Konocti also offers a variety of watersports, its many gaming amenities but most of all a welcoming family atmosphere. There’s a wealth of accommodation options available to visitors of Konocti. Onsite hotel rooms can be booked but it is advised to book well in advance because the hotel gets extremely busy during the summer months, and while the Bass Fishing Tournaments are taking place throughout the year.

The resort has an abundance of camping options for the people who would rather be at one with nature and the enjoy breathing in the crisp fresh country air. There’s an onsite RV Park that helps make the resort ideal for long weekend stopovers or camping trips during the tournament and summer seasons.

It’s a clever business plan by Konocti Vista Casino as many small casinos in the United States have fallen victim to the uprising of online gaming since it became accessible to people in 1996 through the trailblazing InterCasino. Unfortunately for the brick and mortar casino industry many people now choose to spend their money online as opposed to traveling to their nearby casino. Hence why Konocti and other relatively small casinos have had to offer more diverse entertainment to the consumer. Fortunately for Konocti, events like the Bass Fishing Tournaments bring in welcomed revenues that help keep this beautiful resort running.

So, if you’re ever venturing to the Northern parts of California consider staying at Konocti Vista Casino for a relaxing spot of fishing on the mesmeric Clear Lake during the summer. You won’t be disappointed.

3 Dual-Purpose Tools for Hunting and Fishing

The avid outdoorsman with a competitive spirit not only loves harvesting a white-tail deer with the perfect lung shot, but also takes pride in reeling in the most or largest fish in friendly competition amongst the group. Each activity requires its own separate equipment, which can get expensive particularly for those who want only the best.

Some items can be used for both activities, which can save you money and streamline the process when planning to hunt and fish in one outing. These three items will enhance all fishing and hunting excursions, and prevent the prospect of doubling-up on similar equipment.Fishing in a river

Kifaru Spike Camp Backpack

Early season white tail deer hunting starts at the end of September or sometime in October in most jurisdictions. This time is mostly reserved for bow hunters who don’t mind braving the mosquitoes and muggy late-summer weather that comes with it in some states. Early season deer hunting also coincides with late-season trout fishing. The Kifaru Spike Camp is the perfect backpack for both activities.

The terrain you must scale in states like Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon to find the best hunting and fishing spots requires free hands and arms for balance and climbing purposes. The 2,400 cubic inches of space inside the Spike Camp is enough to carry all your equipment, along with a rifle or shotgun. It has a water bladder compartment so you can eliminate the need for a canteen and the noise it makes while drinking those last few swallows.

A rain jacket, fly boxes, extra reel, and knife are some of the items you’ll want to take along for backcountry fly fishing. There’s also plenty of room for waders, and enough straps on the outside to carry the wet, muddy ones home. The Kifaru Spike Camp is a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny for serious hunters and anglers.

Under Armour All-Purpose Field Pants

Autumn means unpredictable weather in most parts of the country. Staying dry is important for both your health and comfort. Under Armour makes the perfect all-purpose field pants that also provide plenty of storage space.

Its patented Storm DWR finish makes the pants water and wind resistant, and are rugged enough to endure some of the toughest punishment possible. Six pockets allow you to carry a multitude of items that are readily accessible at a moment’s notice. There are also draw cords at the bottom of the pants to prevent brush and critters from crawling up your legs.

Hunting and fishing retailers like Cabela’s carry them, and typically offer discounts when you purchase them online.

Laguiole Folder Knife

You need a sharp, flexible knife to cut the breast meat from the bone of waterfowl when preparing for cooking. Filleting a fish, particularly trout, also requires a very sharp, flexible blade that is long enough to separate the meat from the rib bones. The Laguiole Folder Knife can serve both purposes.

Field & Stream ranked Laguiole Folders one of the 10 best hunting and fishing knives of 2012. The French company has been making knives since 1829, which have earned the reputation of staying sharp for a long time and never rusting. Unfortunately the company’s founders did not patent the brand, so there are several knock-offs that appear online before the authentic ones.

To ensure you’re getting an authentic Laguiole Folder, buy it from the company’s official website. Make sure the knife comes with the a warranty if you buy it from a third-party. Keep in mind Laguioles are priced in euros, so you’ll need to multiply the price by the current exchange rate of 1.25.

Committee members sought for Puget Sound recreational fisheries enhancement group

WDFW is actively looking for members to serve on a committee that will oversee the Puget Sound Fisheries Enhancement group. This is a good opportunity for a volunteer position that can help out with decisions that effect our fisheries. For more information see the WDFW news release at http://wdfw.wa.gov/news/sep1114b/

Most Productive Fishing Spots in Washington State

As any avid fisherman living in Washington knows, there are practically an endless number of fantastic fishing destinations, from salt water fishing along the Pacific coast to freshwater fishing in lakes, streams and rivers across the state.

If you plan to drive your own boat, keep in mind that you’re required to have a current Washington Boater Education Card to operate motorized watercraft that is 15 HP or more. It’s a fairly easy process, and study materials and the boater exam can be found right online.

With so many options, deciding where to go for the best angling experience is almost overwhelming, but this list reveals a few of the top fishing spots for you to consider.

Conconully Reservoir

Conconully Reservoir in eastern Washington is a nearly 400-acre lake well-known for its rainbow trout, which are typically pulled in at a range of 10 to 12 inches with holdover fish of up to 15 inches. Other prominent fish include kokanee, which reach about 12 inches, and bass. In order to limit competition with trout species, anglers are encouraged to take as many bass as the daily limit allows.

According to the scoreboard at WashingtonLakes.com, Conconully ranks number one for lake fishing across the state. Fishing the upper reservoir in the early morning and late evening hours is optimal. If you’re trying to hook rainbows or bass, fish close to the shore. Kokanee are typically pulled in closer to the middle of the lake.Fishing in a river

Lake Washington

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most well-known bodies of water in the western half of the state, Lake Washington, is home to numerous sockeye salmon as well as large cutthroat and even a few smallmouth bass.

While it’s worth casting your line just about anywhere in this 20-mile-long lake, some of the hottest spots tend to be around the I-90 and Highway 520 floating bridges as well as the waters that surround Mercer Island. On the sound end, water between the mouth of the Cedar River and Rainier Beach is said to be productive.

If you hope to catch sockeye salmon, it’s best to arrive early in the morning on a cloudy day. The Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife reports that it took afternoon and evening anglers twice the time to catch a sockeye as compared to those who fished in the morning. The fish seem to have a preference for a depth of 30 to 60 feet with the majority located between 35 and 55 feet.


If you’d like to try your hand at saltwater fishing, Westport is often referred to as the salmon fishing capitol of the world. It’s a natural interception point for salmon that are fattening up for their migration up the Washington, Oregon and Canadian rivers to spawn, WashingtonLakes.com reports.

There are a number of charter tour companies that take anglers out for single or multi-day trips to catch salmon as well as tuna, halibut, sturgeon and cod. Ilwaco and Westport are the most common launching sites, and anglers experienced in this region typically recommend the buoys just outside the mouth of Grays Harbor and about 10 miles offshore. Salmon fishing is continuing to surpass expectations with 35 pounders crossing the docks and Coho getting bigger by the week.